Título: Feed restriction: productive performance, hematological parameters, gastrointestinal tract and carcass of rabbits - DOI 10.46342/cunicultura.v1.2020-3

Autore(s): Rosiane de Souza Camargos, Luiz Carlos Machado, Cynthia Pieri Zeferino, Márcia Teixeira Bittencourt, Felipe Samir Torres Campos, André Machado dos Santos, Iasmim Papille dos Santos, Caroline Gonçalves Silva de Faria

Feed restriction is an strategy in animal production for cost reduction. The aim was to evaluate the effect of feed restriction on performance, hematological parameters, gastrointestinal tract and carcass of growing rabbits. The experimental period started at weaning (35 days) and finished at slaughter (84 days). A total of 24 New Zealand White rabbits were housing two per cage. A completely randomized design with two treatments and six replicates was used. The treatments were: Feed restriction (FR) and ad libitum (AL).  In the FR each animal was feed about 45 g/day - 35 to 42 days of age - and 85 g/day - 56 to 63 days of age. Live weight was similar from both feeding treatment at 84 days, and higher body weight gain and better feed conversion was reported after first restriction period (42 to 56 days). These results could mean that rabbits were efficient to gain weight after restriction period, which may suggest the occurrence of compensatory gain. Lower number of red blood cell, hemoglobin and haematocrit has been observed in rabbits subjected to FR than AL, however, all the hematological parameters were in a physiological range. No differences were observed for carcass weight and carcass yield, which means that FR did not affect the crucial traits for rabbit meat market. No effects of FR were detected on either gastrointestinal, liver and kidneys yield. It seems that FR could be adopted in farms, however further studies should be carried out for substantiation.


Revista / Jornal: Revista Brasileira de Cunicultura, Volume 17, n. 1, 2020
Data de publicação: Sexta, 15 Mai 2020
Disponível em: http://www.rbc.acbc.org.br/images/Restri%C3%A7%C3%A3o_alimentar.pdf
Palavras-chave: ad libitum, blood profile, feed efficiency, health condition, rabbit breeding
Publicado em: Volume 17, n. 1, 2020