Título: Digestibility of sweet potato vines in diets for growing rabbits - DOI: 10.46342/cunicultura.v1.2020-6

Autore(s): Ana Carolina Kohlrausch Klinger, Diuly Bortoluzzi Falcone, Luiza de Sales Alves Prates, Geni Salete Pinto de Toledo, Leila Picolli da Silva

In developing countries, animal production is affected by the dependence on conventional ingredients or by its high cost, for which it is important to research agro-industrial by-products. Therefore, the purpose to this study was to evaluate the digestibility of diets for rabbits with sweet potato vines, in substitution to alfalfa hay. A biological essay was conducted to determine sweet potato vines digestibility, which took 12 days (5 for adaptation and 7 for collecting feces). A total of 27 rabbits received three different diets: reference (0SPV) and the ones with substitution of 10% (10SPV) and 15% (15SPV) of alfalfa hay for sweet potato vines. The coefficients of digestibility of dry matter were 51.47% (0SPV), 52.07% (10SPV) and 57.41% (15SPV); coefficients of digestibility of mineral matter, 15.17% (0SPV), 17.06% (10SPV) and 16.47% (15SPV); coefficients of digestibility of crude protein, 87.51% (0SPV), 84% (10SPV) and 83.79% (15SPV); coefficients of digestibility of neutral detergent fiber, 20.25% (0SPV), 19.65% (10SPV) and 24.48% (15SPV); coefficients of digestibility of acid detergent fiber, 16.06% (0SPV), 16.82% (10SPV) and 22.36% (15SPV). The conclusion is that sweet potato vines can replace at least 15% of alfalfa hay in growing meat rabbits diets.

Revista / Jornal: Revista Brasileira de Cunicultura, Volume 18, n. 1, 2020
Data de publicação: Segunda, 09 Novembro 2020
Disponível em: http://rbc.acbc.org.br/images/Digestibilidade_bara%C3%A7o_pronto.pdf
Palavras-chave: growing rabbits, animal nutrition, by-products
Publicado em: Volume 18, n. 1, 2020